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Abbey Walks' popularity is growing quickly.  We have approx 1,500 unique website visits each month, with visits ever increasing.  We also have growing and loyal Facebook, Google+, Blogger and Twitter audiences.


Accommodation on our long distance walks is greatly sought after, so listing your accommodation on our website is both your and our next step. 

All of our walk routes, walk descriptions and GPS coordinates are free for walkers to print or download, thus not restricting our audience. This, in turn, allows a greater audience to view your accommodation listing.


Your listing will resemble the sample below, and from this you will receive commission free referrals directly to your website.


sample cottage

Willowton B&B

"The best B&B in Willowton, UK"

1 River Road, Willowton, WE11 OPP  Tel: 01444 44444

Fantastic B&B with spacious rooms, king size beds, and a bath in every en-suite. Drying facilities available. A hearty breakfast is served, catered to all dietary requirements.

Walkers are welcome ! 



1km / 0.6 miles

Distance from St. Bernard's Way

B, W, M




* Special Offer * 

The first 20 accommodation providers to advertise with us will pay an introductory rate of £ 34 per annum per listing, rather than the standard £ 44 per annum per listing. 


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Walking can be a dangerous sport.  Walkers should always be suitably equipped, including carrying and knowing how to use a map and compass.