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abbey monkOur KOVEA Spider Stove was a real find! Again, it is lightweight at 191g (stove, igniter and bag) and small to pack at 106 cm x 94 cm x 46 cm packed up.  It uses Iso-Butane gas (screw attachment) which is readily available in most camping and outdoor shops although an adaptor is also available to allow Campingaz canisters to be used.  A manual lighter comes with the kit.  Water boils in a very quick approx 3-4 minutes.


We found this stove to be reliable, easy to use, great with the simple flame control mechanism, and it was stable on the ground in any situation and with any size of pot due to the moveable and lockable spider leg supports.


Another stove that we had at hand was the titanium Honey Stove.


This is a true simple outdoor multi fuel stove, which allows the burning of wood, esbit/hexamine tablets, charcoal / bbq briquettes, or the use of a trangier burner.


Weight and size are not compromised by its multi functionality - it weighs 362g all in, and is just over 15cm square when set up in box form. 


This stove is like a meccano set (i.e., you can set it to all sorts of configurations by slotting the titanium panels together creating the shape of your choice). Due to the structure and spec of the stove, it can take a maximum of 10k weight onto it (i.e., a big pot of spagbog!)








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Walking can be a dangerous sport.  Walkers should always be suitably equipped, including carrying and knowing how to use a map and compass.