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We walked the Via Francigena some years ago and found it tricky finding accommodation at convenient locations along the route.  Since then, there has been a great increase in support on this long distance pilgrimage walk leading to many more overnight opportunities.


In order to help VF walkers, we have worked hard to collate details of many listings.  These are available on either:


Free sortable databases:


OR  you can purchase an updated, more comprehensive and convenient pdf list for the token fee of £5. This fee allows us to continue researching, walking, and making historical pilgrimage routes freely available on our website.


The VF pdf list provides details of campsites, hostels, religious establishments, B&Bs, hotels, and private houses covering the route in England, France, Switzerland, and Italy.  See below for other advantages of the pdf list.

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Your pdf list will be emailed to you as soon as we receive payment.  If you prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer, please contact us and we will make necessary arrangements. 


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Walking can be a dangerous sport.  Walkers should always be suitably equipped, including carrying and knowing how to use a map and compass.